Ed P. Kehrwald, Ph.D.
Grad. of: University of North Dakota
721 Memorial Highway
Bismarck ND 58504-5330
Phone: (701)224-1897
ABS Certification No. 2260
ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist
Licensed Psychologist #185
Licensed Addiction Counselor #1324
Specialties: sex offender assessment; sexual compulsions.


Kenneth E. Christianson, Ph.D.
Grad. of: The Fielding Institute
2807 25th Ave. S.
Fargo ND 58103-5066
Phone: (701)234-4093
ABS Certification No. 1964
ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Supervisor

Grand Forks

Sue A. Schmitt, Ed.D.
Grad. of: Mississippi State University
College of H.R. Development
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks ND 58202
Phone: (701)777-3035
ABS Certification No. 1515
ABS Board Certified Sex Educator