Wendy Anne F. Brumley, Ph.D.
140 Church St. Ste 24
Richmond 3121
Phone: (03)4201446
ABS Certification No. 1962
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Richard J. Roberts, Ph.D.
University of N.S.W./Soc. Work
Sydney NSW 2052
FAX: +61 2 6628991
Phone: +61 2 3854611
e-mail: r.roberts@unsw.edu.au
ABS Certification No. 1781
ABS Certified Sex Educator

Gwendoline M. Leavesley, M.B.
9/20 Kings Park Road
West Perth
Western Australia
Phone: (09)322-6231
ABS Certification No. 1766
ABS Certified Sex Educator
AFFPA Certif. Family Plan


F. Michael Barrett, Ph.D.
Grad. of: University of Toronto
25 Harbord Street
Toronto Ontario CN
Phone: (416)978-3488
ABS Certification No. 1663
ABS Certified Sex Educator

Donald Edward Bent, Ph.D.
Grad. of: IASHS
539 Mass Road
Sault Ste. Marie
Ontario CN P6A 5K8
Phone: (705)949-3592
ABS Certification No. 2421
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Irving M. Binik, Ph.D.
Grad. of: McGill Univesity
1205 Dr. Penfield Ave.Montreal Quebec CN Phone: (514)398-6095
ABS Certification No. 1694
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Avinoam B. Chernick, M.D.
648 Huron St. Ste 205
London Ontario CN
FAX: (519)672-1010
Phone: (519)672-5420
ABS Certification No. 1851
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Beryl Ann Chernick, M.D.
205-648 Huron Street
London Ontario CN
FAX: (519)672-1010
Phone: (519)672-5420
ABS Certification No. 1970
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Margaret Corinne Devlin, M.D.
Dept. of Ob-Gyn
1200 Main Street West 4F1
Hamilton Ontario CN
Phone: (416)521-2100
ABS Certification No. 1743
ABS Certified Sex Educator
ABS Certified Sex Researcher

Abel Perard Edmond, Ph.D.
1805 Blud Forest
Val d’Or Quebec CN
Phone: (819)825-2539
ABS Certification No. 1629
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

David Stephen Hersh, Ed.D.
Hersh Centre for Sexual Wellness
101-8180 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2B8 CN
Phone: (403) 606-3183
email: Dr.DavidHersh@sexualwellness.ca
Website: http://SexualWellness.ca
ABS Certification No. 1575
Founding Fellow, AACS
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ACS/Licensed MFCC #2773

Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Ph.D.
161 Frank StreetOttawa Ontario CN
Phone: (613)563-0846
ABS Certification No. 213
ABS Certified Sex Counselor
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

E. Robert Langford, M.D.
398 Eglinton Ave East
P.H. 8
Toronto ONTARIO CN M4P 3H8
Phone: (416)483-8337
ABS Certification No. 231
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Supervisor

Mary-Jean Malyszka, M.A., C.C.C.
Grad of: Naropa Uiversity
5 Richard Way SW, Suite 300
Calgary, Alberta T3E 7M8
Phone: (403) 305-9083
email: info@mjmalyszka.com
Website: www.mjmalyszka.com
ABS Certification No. 2917
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Canadian Certification Certificate # 5190
Specialties: sexual dysfunction; desire and arousal; intimacy and relationship difficulties; sexual issues related to aging and illness; sexual minorities; sexual addiction/compulsion.

Maryam Mohebbi, Ph.D.
Grad of: American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
15 Wertheim Crt.
Markham, Ontario L4B 3H7
Phone: (866) 599-5138
email: maryammohebbi@hotmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2685
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Pega Ren, Ed.D.
Grad. of: IASHS
1420 E. 7th Avenue
Suite 103
Vancouver V5N1R5 BC CN
Phone: (609) 269-2692
ABS Certification No. 2650
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Louise-Andree Saulnier, Ph.D.
1248 Chemin Ste-Foy #202
Phone: (418)828-9948
ABS Certification No. 1825
ABS Certified Sex Educator

Erwin Albert Schill, Ph.D.
680 Doyle Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V1Y 9S2
Phone: (250) 863-1946
e-mail: drerv47@hotmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2288
-Registered Marriage & Family Therapist in Canada #0625
-Clinical Member AAMFT
-Board Certified Sex Therapist ABS
-Clinical Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
Specialties: sexual therapy, relationship therapy.
Clinical workplace: private practice.

Frank G. Sommers, M.D.
360 Bloor St. West Ste. 406
Toronto Ontario
Phone: (416)922-7335
ABS Certification No. 1673
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Clinical Fellow, AACS

Lori Van Humbeck, M.S.W., R.S.W.
617-470 Granville Street
Vancouver BC CN V6C 1V5
FAX: (604)731-5311
Phone: (604)688-3356
ABS Certification No. 1961
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Specialties: sexual dysfunction; desire and arousal; intimacy difficulties;
adult survivors of childhood incest or abuse; sexual issues related to aging
and illness; coercive sexual experiences; sexual orientation;sexual minorities.


Xiao Nian Ma, M. D.
National Research Inst.
12 Da Hui Si, Saiclian District
Beijing CH 10081
ABS Certification No. 2318
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Supervisor

Man-Lun Ng, M.D.
Hong Kong Sex Education Assn.
P. O. Box 50419
Sai Ying Pun HONG KONG
FAX: (852) 2855 1345
Phone: (852) 2855 4486
ABS Certification No. 1985
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Life Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
Head of sex clinic Dept of Psych U of Hong Kong

Hu, Peicheng M.D.
24-4-6, Peking University Health Science Center Haidan District
Beijing, Peoples Republic of China 100083
phone: 86-10 82801543


Heli Alzate, M.D.
Apartado 631
Colombia S.A.
Phone: (968)852954
ABS Certification No. 1770
ABS Certified Sex Researcher


George J. Georgiou, Ph.D.,DSc (AM).,N.D.,MSc.
DaVinci Natural Health Centre
Panayia Aimatousa 300, Aradippou 7101,
Larnaca, CYPRUS
Phone: (00357) 24-823322
FAX: (00357) 24-823321
E-mail: drgeorge@avacom.net
Web: www.naturaltherapycenter.com
ABS Certification No. 2295
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Specialties: Naturopathic Sexology for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, Clinical Psychology combined with EFT, Naturopathy, Su Jok acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy.


Hosam Y. Abdel-Magid, M.D.
6 Abdel Moneim El Sharkawy St.
Morad Street . Giza 12211
Phone: (213)825-0243
ABS Certification No. 2280
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Certified Sex Counselor
Clinical Fellow, AACS
SSTAR,UCLA Human Sex. program

Khaled A.M. Gadalla, M.D.
Grad of: Al-Azhar University
Dr. Khaled Gadalla Center (Main Clinic)
10 Sheikh Sallawi St.
Sefarat District, Nasr City
Cairo, EGYPT
Phone: +20 22726026
Website: www.manclinic-eg.com
email: khaledgadalla@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2924
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist Urology Consultant, Andrology Consultant Egyptian Medical Syndicate; Lecturer of Urology and Andrology Al-Azhar University, Faulty of Medicine for Girls.

Heba Kotb, M.D., Ph.D.
Grad. of Maimonides University
249 Sudan Street, Midan Lebnan
Cairo Egypt 2411
            + 2023036708
email: kotbheba@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2667
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Specialties:  clinical sexologist, marriage counselor


Ml Meignant, M.D.
2 Bis reu Scheffer
Paris FRANCE 75116
Phone: 1-47 04 37 04
ABS Certification No. 1893
ABS Certified Sex Therapist


Erwin J. Haeberle, Ph.D.
Robert Koch-Institut Archiv fur Sexualwissenchaf
Hannoversche Str. 27
D-10115 Berlin Germany
ABS Certification No. 1534
ABS Certified Sex Researcher
FAX: +49-30-4547-3667
Phone: +49-30-4547-3665
e-mail: haeberlee@rki.de
ACS (Board)

Florian Georg Mildenberger, Ph.D.
Grad. of Ludvig-Maximillians University, Munich
Liverpooler Str. 12
D-13349 Berlin Germany
Phone: +49-30-3939-1660
email: mildenberger1973@gmx.de
ABS Certification No. 2859
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Teaching of courses of educational work regarding HIV and STDs for student fraternities in Germany.

Jakob Pastoetter, Ph.D.
President of DGSS
(German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research)
Gerresheimer Str. 20
D-40211 Dusseldorf Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 81-4694-6745
email: jmpastoetter@gmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2646
ABS Certified Educational Sexologist
AACS Graduate Clinical Sexology Faculty:
Clinical Associate Professor
Honorary Senior Visiting Research Fellow
Department of Applied Psychosocial Sciences
City Community and Health Sciences
City University London


Laura Leigh Post, M.D., Ph.D., J.D.
Marianas Psychiatric Services, LLC
285 Farenholt Ave.
C-312 Oka Plaza
Tamuning, GU 96913
Phone: (671) 647-1961
ABS Certification No. 2233
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Hong Kong

Man-Lun Ng, M.D.
Hong Kong Sex Education Assn.
P. O. Box 50419
Sai Ying Pun HONG KONG
FAX: (852) 2964 9475
Phone: (852) 2859 5300
ABS Certification No. 1985
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Life Fellow
American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
Associate Director, HKU Family Institute,
the University of Hong Kong


Bela Buda, M.D.
Ostrom u. 6.
1015Budapest HUNGARY
FAX: 175-3292
ABS Certification No. 2317
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist


Putu W. Masna, M.D.
alan Timor No. 1
Den Pasar
Bali Indonesia 80114
Phone: (0361)33787
ABS Certification No. 1958
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Wimpie I. Pangkahila, M.D.
JL By Pass Ngurah Rai 84 Sanur
Denaspar 80228
Bali Indonesia
FAX: 62-361-281421Phone: 62-361-288128;
 e-mail: wim@denpasar.wasantara.net.id
ABS Certification No. 2319
ABS Certified Sex Educator
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Certified Sex Researcher


Deepak Arora, M.D.E.H.
Grad of: NEHM of India
HIG 1680, Sector 70
Near Sant Ishar Singh School
Mohali, Punjab 160071
Phone: 919357738797
email: drdeepak@draroras.com
ABS Certification No. 2891
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Prof. Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, M.D.(Bom)
(Hon.Professor & Head of the Department of Sexual Medicine
KEM Hospital & G.S. Medical College, Mumbai)
Heart To Heart Counselling Centre
10 Jerbai Baug, Ambedkar Road,
Near Gloria Church, Byculla (East),
Mumbai 400027
Tel : 23778624 / 23755866 / 22184528
Mobile: 9821093902
Website: http://www.hearttoheartindia.com

Sharad Hariram Gor, LCEH
Grad of: Bombay University
603 Anant Appt. Jain Mandir Road
Sarvodaya Parswanath Nagar, Muland (West)
Mumbai (Bombay) Maharashtra India 400080
Phone: (91-22) 25460332
email: drsharadgor@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2636
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Licensed Homoeopathic Medical Practioner

Govind Krishna Gupta, M.B.B.S.
Grad. of: University of Calcutta
125 Mahatma Gandhi Road
Kolkata, W.B.,  700007 India
Phone: 03322611810
ABS Certification No: 2686
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Saransh Jain, M.B.B.S., M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Grad of: Dr Rml University
Senior Consultant at Burlington Clinic
Dr. S.K. Jain's Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd.
Burlington Crossing
28-A Vidhan Sabha Marg
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226001 INDIA
Burlington Enclave, 1021/12, Karol Bagh Arya Samaj Road
New Delhi 110005 INDIA
Phone: (+91522) 4004444, (+9111) 32329111
Cell: (+91) 9935115555
email: drsaranshjain@gmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2934
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Satish Jhunthra, M.B.B.S., D.P.M.
Grad of: Ranchi University
Jhunthra Hospital
Dabwali Road
Sirsa, Haryana 125055, INDIA
Phone: 911666222324
email: jsaatiish@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2936
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Deepak K. Jumani, M.B.B.S., FCGP
Bombay University
Clinic 64, Azad Nagar
10/289, Shastri Nagar, Link Rd.
Goregaon West, Mumbai  400104 INDIA
Phone: (9122) 28760212
Fax: (9122) 28790128
Cell: (091) 9821044556
email: deepak.jumani@gmail.com
Clinic Timings: Mon-Sat
 9:30am - 12:00 noon, 6:00pm - 9:30pm
ABS Certification No: 2745
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Sexologist American College of Sexology 
Member: AASECT
Member: World Association of Sexology
Secretary general of Asia Oceanic Foundation of Sexuality
President of Society for the Preservation of Medical Ethics
Panel Dr to Air India/Indian Airlines/ONGC/HDFC/ICICI, Citygroup Financial Services. Ph.D. candidate.                    

Prakash Nanalal Kothari, MBBS, Ph.D.
Grad. of: Bombay University
203 A Sukhsagar, N.S. Patkar Mar
Bombay Maharashtra 400 007 India
Phone: (022) 361 2027/944
ABS Certification No. 2457
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Specialties: Head of Department of sexual medicine, Seth G.S. Medical College.

Ravi Kothari, BHMS
Grad. of: Bombay University
203 A, Sukhsagar
N.S. Patkar Marg
Bombay 400 007 India
Phone: 361 2027
ABS Certification No. 2611
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Shirish Chunilal Malde, BHMS
Grad. of: Bombay University
Gokul, Niwas Building No. 3
Ranade Road,Dadar-West
Mumbai 400 028   INDIA
Phone: 91 22 24330606
email: shirishmalde@rediffmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2572
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Nevin K. Modi, MBBS
Grad. of: Mumbai University
C101 Nav. Mbika Nagar
Shahad 421103
Kalyan Maharashtr  INDIA
Phone: 025-230083
email: Modidyloo@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2648
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Jayaji K. Nath, M.D.
Grad. of:  Ayuvedic Medical School
Saiprasad Clinic, C5/11/0:2
Sector 4CBD
Navi, Mumbai PIN 200614  INDIA
Phone: 1122 -9821969936
ABS Certification No. 2699
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Licensed Physician (Maharashtra)

Mahesh R. Nawal, M.D.
303-304 Vikram Towers
Sapna-Sangeeta Main Road
Indore M.P. INDIA 452 004
Phone: (0731)69061
email: drmaheshnawal@mysexproblems.com
website: www.mysexproblems.com
ABS Certification No. 2331 

Padmini Prasad, M.B.B.S., M.D.
Grad of: Karnatak University
Ramamani Nursing and Maternity Home
212/B 57th Cross, Opposite Ramamandir Playgrounds
IV Block Rajajinagar
Bangalore 560 010 INDIA
Phone: 2330 0390; 2315 4293 (Clinic)
email: drpadminiprasad@gmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2606
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Director, Institute of Sexual Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Rafi Ismail Patel, M.A.
Human Sexual Dysfunction Cl.
203A Sukhsagiar:Patkar Road
Bombay India Phone: 811 9446
ABS Certifiation No. 1886
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Balaram Babu Sanka, M.B.B.S.
No. 102 CBR Residency, Lake View Enclave, Sainikpuri
Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh 500094 India
Phone: +91 9912900329
email: doct.ram@gmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2881
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Ambrish Singal, M.D.
Consultant Psychiatrist
Mukat Hospital & Heart Institute
Chandigarh - 134001
Phone: +0919815333660
Phone: +911172434444
House No. 133, Sector 7
Panchhula, Haryana
Phone: +911722598013
email: masterinpsych@yahoo.co.in
ABS Certification No. 2869
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society
Member of American Psychiatric Association
Member of World Association of Sexual Health
Fellow of Council of Sex Educators and Parenthood (International)
Member of American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists

Basanti Lal Soni. M.D.
Grad of: University of Rajadsthan
email: blsahib@medmantra.com
ABS Certificate No. 2688
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist 

Masroor Ahmad Wani, M.D.
8 Umer Enclave
Parrypora Bagat
Srinigar, 190005
Jammu & Kashmir, India
Phone: +91-9419406090
email: masroorwani@hotmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2694
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist


Daniel Wattelman, Ph.D.
Grad. of: IASHS
13 Snunit Street
P. O. Box 12231
Tzur Yigal 44862
ABS Certification No. 2492
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Specialties: treating child molesters.


Genichi Nozue, M.D.
Kitaaoyama 2-11-10
Phone: -3-3401-2581
ABS Certification No. 1942
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Takao Osada, M.D.
Hiyoshi Heim 411
1-1-1 Shimoda-cho Kohoku-ku
Kanagawa JAPAN
Phone: 044-977-8111
ABS Certification No. 1988
ABS Certified Sex Researcher
ABS Supervisor
Dir. of Japanese Assn of S.C.

Seiichi Matsumoto, M.D.
1-11-17 Yuigahama
Kamakura 248 JAPAN
FAX: 0467-23-6530
Phone: 0467-24-2287
ABS Certification No. 1977
ABS Certified Sex Researcher
Clinical Fellow, AACS

Tomonobu Kawano, M.D.
1573-14 Ozenji
Asao-Ku Kawasahi-Shi
Kanagawa-Ken JAPAN
ABS Certification No. 1995
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Yasushi Okamura, M.D.
Mitsusadadai 2-4-18
Kitakyushu JAPAN
FAX: (093)603-6088
Phone: (093)603-5982
ABS Certification No. 1989
ABS Certified Sex Therapist


Hajrullah Fejza, M.S.
Grad of University of Prishtina
Eduard Lir 33
Pristina, KOSOVO 1000
Phone: (+381) 38237733
ABS Certification No. 2911
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist


Enrique A. Aviles-Aceves, M.D.
Av. Lopez Portillo 171.
SM 69 M 3
Cancun Quintana R MX 77500
Phone: (988)441 41
ABS Certification No. 1809
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
International Council on Sex Education and Parenthood


Prof R. Y. Jalali, M.D., Ph.D.
Graduate of IUFS, Saint Petersburg, RF
ABS Certification No. 2669
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Clinical Fellow AACS
ACS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Life Founding Fellow, South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (IRP)
Diplomate, American Board of Psychotherapy (USA)
Member, International Society for Sexual Medicine (Netherlands)
Member, World Association for Sexual Health (WAS)
Member, Middle East Sexual Health Committee (Middle East)
Recipient, Medal of Excellence (SL)
Professor of Sexology, Academy for Sexology (South Africa)
Director & Professor, South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (IRP)
Phone: +92 (0) 333 511 7509, Cell: +92 (0) 345 512 4219
email: ask@saihs.org
Specialties: Male Sexual Dysfunction; Female Sexual Dysfunction; Female Sexual Sickness; Male Infertility; Female Infertility; Male Psychosexual Disorders; Female Psychosexual Enigmas; Gynecologic Sexology; AIDS/STD Prevention; Enhancement of Sexual Pleasures; Erotic Dietary Programmes; Domestic Conflict Resolution; Sexual Communication; Sexual Relationships; Integration of Sexuality & Spirituality; South Asian Sexology.

M. Amir Farooq Nasim, M.B.B.S.
Grad of: B.Z. University
Nasim Fertility Centre
4-H, Johar Town, Canal Road
Lahore, 54000
Margala Clinics, Masco Plaza
Blue Area, Islamabad
Phone: 0092-42-5300124
Phone: 0092-51-2273808
email: drfarooqnasim@hotmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2535
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
CST (Hong Kong)

Aamir Rafique, M.B.B.S.
Grad of: Punjab University
Dr. Rafique's Skin & Hair Clinic
Rafique Arcade
Old G.T. Road
Jhelum, Punjab, 49600 PAKISTAN
Phone: (+92) 544627102
email: amerdr@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2935
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist


Isabel Albuquerque, B.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2905
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Sheila Coelho, M.D.
ABS Certification No. 2909
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Francisco Cruz, M.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2904
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Cristina Maria Silva Madeira de Brito, M.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2901
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Pedro de Freitas, M.D., Ph.D.
Grad. of American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
ABS Certification No. 2720
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Jose Henrique Lima dos Santos, B.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2907
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Eva Duarte, M.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2902
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Joana Florindo, M.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2906
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Bruno Fontinhas, B.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2900
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Anabela Amorim Vieira Gabirro, M.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2899
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Fernando Eduardo Mesquita, M.Sc.
ABS Certification No. 2903
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Iris Neves Monteiro, Ph.D.
ABS Certification No. 2852
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Zaida Pires, M.D.
ABS Certification No. 2910
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Madalena Serra, M.D.
ABS Certification No. 2908
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Ana Rosa Tapadinhas, Ph.D.
ABS Certification No. 2898
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Puerto Rico

Sylvia Cabrera-Ofero, M.D.
Avenida Laurel Esq. Bell. Z-22
Urbanizacion Lomas Verdes
Bayamon PR 00956
FAX: (809)787-2790
Phone: (809)798-5175
FAX: (787) 778-1505
email: sylviane@cogai.net
ABS Certification No. 1990
Clinical Fellow, AACS
ABS Certified Sex Educator
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Licensed in Puerto Rico
Specialties: Married couples, widows, singles, women and men.
Area served: Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Miguel S. Dalmau, M.D.
1704 Santa Brigida
Rio Pie Dres PR 00926
Phone: (809)761-4898
ABS Certification No. 1482
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Edward H. Fankhanel, M.A., Ed.D., Ph.D.
Grad. of Argosy University/Sarasota
134 Zambeze St, Crown Hills
San Juan, Puerto Rico  00926
Email: fankhanel@prtc.net
ABS Certification No. 2716
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
American College of Sexologist - Sexologist
Puerto Rico Licensed Psychologist # 993
Florida Mental Health Counselor - Lic. #6051
Florida Qualified Counselor Supervisor
New York Mental Health Counselor  - Lic. # 001578
NCC & CCMHC Cert. # 57952
Counseling & Forensic Psychologist
Specialties: Adolescents, young adults, STD/HIV/AIDS counseling, sex offender evaluations & treatment, paraphilias, male sexual dysfunctions, gender identity, GLBTQ,
Adjunct Professor - Counseling Psychology- Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico

Alejandro Lopez-Deynes, Ph.D.
566 A Juan J. Jimenez Street
Hato Rey Puerto Rico 00918
FAX: (809)281-8972
Phone: (809)281-8971
ABS Certification No. 1841
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Supervisor

Luis R. Rojas, M.D.
653 Hipodromo Ave.
Santruce PR 00907
Phone: (809)721-2280
ABS Certification No. 1717
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Jose Antonio Torres, Ph.D.
Grad of Bircham International University
134 Comercio St.
P.O. Box 83
Juana Diaz, PR 00795
Office: 1431 Ave Ponce de Leon
Santurce, PR
Phone: (787) 319-6451/ (787) 317-5450
email: drtorressalud@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2764
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Ph.D. Public Health
Ph.D. Counseling Psychology Sexology
M.P.H. Berne International Graduate School
Law School Catholic University of Puerto Rico
B.A. University of Puerto Rico
Teacher Certification No. 2594 Dept. of Education, Puerto Rico
AASECT certification

Luisa Ubarri, M.D.
Box 5055
Caguas PR 00726-5055
Phone: (809)743-4715
ABS Certification No. 2009
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Jose M. Vasquez Julia, M.D.
Box 5055
Caguas PR 00726-5055
ABS Certification No. 2008
ABS Certified Sex Therapist

Carlos Velez, M.S.
19-0-23 Berwind Estates
Rio Piedras PR 00924
Phone: (809)752-3177
ABS Certification No. 1951
ABS Certified Sex Educator

Saudi Arabia

Mustafa Ahmed Kamal, M.B. Ch.B.
Grad. of: Tanta University
Yanbu National Dispensary
P. O. Box 676 Al-Arbaeen Street
Yanbu Al-Bahr, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 009665062137928
Email: mustafayousef133@hotmail.com
ABS Certification No. 2734
ABS Cerfified Clinical Sexologist
Licensed Andrologist and Dermatologist


P. Ganesan Adaikan, M.D.
Research Professor and Section Head
Reproductive Pharmacology and Sexual Medicine
Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University Heath System
NHUS Tower Block, Level 12
1E Kent Ridge Rd.
Singapore 119228
Phone: (65) 67724261
email: p_ganesan_adaikan@nhus.edu.sg
Website: www.obgyn.nus.edu.sg
ABS Certification No: 2927
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Srilatha Balasubramanian, M.D., Ph.D.
Grad. of National University of Singapore
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University Hospital
National University of Singapore
NUHS Tower Block Level 12, 1E Kent Ridge Rd.
Singapore 119228
Phone: 065-67759167
ABS Certification No. 2921
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Roger C.M. Ho, MBBS(HK), DPM (Ireland)
Department of Psychological Medicine
National University Hospital
email: hocmroger@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2582
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Hong Kong, UK and Signapore Medical Council Registered Medical Practitioner

South Africa

Gareth Hunt, M.A.
Grad. of University of the North
2 First Street East
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa
Phone: +27 844555577
email: 55@garethhunt.co.za
ABS Certification No. 2884
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Mervyn B. Hurwitz, M.B.B.C.h.
P. O. Box 1099
Rivonia 2128
South Africa
Phone: 880-7860 (area code not available)
ABS Certification No. 1768
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Fellow, COG (SA)

South Korea

Sang-Soo Yook, M. D.
Grad. of: Keimyung University
Director, Ob-Gyn Dept.
Dal sung-gun, Tae-gu 711-870
South Korea
FAX: 82-53-611-0163
e-mail: y2332@hitel.kol.co.kr
ABS Certification No. 2490
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Korean Association of ObGyn.


Charo (M.R.) Verde, M.D.
Via Augusta 134 - 3o 3a
Barcelona SPAIN 08006-9999
Phone: 34-3-2005396
ABS Certification No. 1918
ABS Certified Sex Therapist


Maj-Briht Bergstrom-Walan, Ph.D., M.D.
Grad of: Institute for Sex Research
Swedish Institute for Sex Research
Lastmakargatan 14-16
Stockholm Sweden
FAX:46 8 86 18 87
Phone: 46 8 10 35 11
e-mail: maj@pi.se
ABS Certification No. 1904
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Clinical Fellow, AACS

United Arab Emirates

Raymond H. Hamden, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellowship: University of Maryland (College Park)
Post Grad of: Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis
Grad. of: Heed University (Miami)
Human Relations Institute
P. O. Box 11806
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: (971-4) 365-8578 UAE
Phone: (202) 262-8800 USA
email: dr.raymond.hamden@hridubai.com 
ABS Certification No. 1214
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Life Fellow, AACS
ABS Supervisor
ABS Examiner of the Board
Also see Washington DC (USA)
The Foundation For International Human Relations
Washington DC
Licensed Psychologist in Washington, DC (PSY 1153)
Licensed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Dubai Health Authority)

Khaled Mahmoud Othman, M.D.
Hamdan Street
Alslama Hospital Box 46266
Abu Dahbi, UAE
email: khaledbenothman@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2599
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

United Kingdom

Simon Andres, M.A.
Grad. of: University of Edinburgh
3 Broadgates Road
London England 52 18 3NL
ABS Certification No. 2649
ABS Certified Sexological Researcher