Big Oaks from little acorns ...and Still GROWING

In 1986 a little acorn was planted by a group of clinical sexologists who believed that there was a better way to provide quality assurance to the public and to the discipline, in selecting qualified sex therapists, sex counselors, sex educators and recognizing authentic sex researchers. The small organization consisted of just a few including several past presidents of the leading recognized sexological institutions in the U.S.

What the group did was take the process of certification of practitioners in the field of sexology out of the area of subjectivity to a process based on academic achievement, dedication to the discipline as evidenced by scholarship, evidence of competence under supervision, and the empirical results of examination.

Those meeting these stringent requirements are awarded the designation of Board Certified Diplomates of the American Board of Sexology. Among the first Diplomates to be Board Certified included sexology pioneers Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Dr. William Masters, Dr. William Granzig, Dr. John Money, Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, Dr. Albert Ellis, Dr. Wardell Pomeroy and Dr. Erwin Haeberle.

That acorn has now grown into a 1600 branch oak, The American Board of Sexology, and is made up of a higher percentage of doctoral level Diplomates than the other organizations can boast. This is due to the nature of the organization. ABS is dedicated to providing quality assurance to the consumer and certifying and nurturing clinicians in the practice of sex therapy and sex counseling.

Our big oak now covers Diplomates in twenty-six countries. Approximately 98% hold doctoral degrees – including Ph.D.s, M.D.s, Ed.D.s, Psy.D.s and D.S.W.s as well as others. Perusal of The International Registry, our international directory of Diplomates, is like reading a who’s who in sexology around the world.


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